A journey to somewhere...

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Do not assume that your subordinates are 'dumb'

Leadership in reality (TJ)
- Sunshade in DC office
- Smoke in Pasir Gudang
- Strategic move to place PL, instead of Dergerper
- Wants to retire...finally after 17 years
- Excellent commander, but poor business man
-  Car engine cleaning project...lesson for business philosophy
-  Paper to replace light bulbs...lesson for business philosophy
-  Country X special lock....lesson for business pride
-  Old folk home in Krangi... parents are sent to JB...lesson for business sector

Leadership in Reality (PL)
- Drop from heigth
- Meanng of true friends
- Wine & women
- Path you need to walk back

Life as VC Officer

Life as Staff Officer, CDC

Life as Staff Officer, SJCDF

Life as Head Planning, SCJDF

Life as Dy Director, MHA

Life as Rota Officer & OC, Fire Station

Life as Commander, Division HQ

Life as Asst VP, OLI 96.8FM

Life as Director Operations, SCDF HQ

Life as Director, CDA

Life as Senior Director, General Staff

Life as Senior Consultant, COSEM

Life as Expert, Abu Dhabi Police

Life as Expert, Diwan, MOI