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PM Rally 2012

Comments in the web:

"Why didn't listen to PM's Speech?"

Answer : My mother has advised me that in the month of Hungry Ghost, don't listen to Ghost Stories."



Boss in meeting : "I am a Christian.  I don't lie".  

Parable 1 : During lunch that afternoon, he told us how he was admitted for PILES operation and he was shy to tell his wife. He told her he was on in-camp training and cannot come home. Looks like you can lie to your wife, no matter which religion you belong to...

Parable 2 : Does that mean others of different faith are liars. Religion has nothing to do with human propensity to lie....

Parable 3 : Your subordinates are not dumb, but just polite not to embarrass you.


DVD player for SQA award.

Decision making

Where are key decisions made?

- Toilet of SCDF HQ

- Barber shop at GHQ

- Golf games

- Ex Northstar Vi at lift of HTNS

Lecture Notes

- China leadership change every 10 years : avoid Mao & Deng.  The trial of Boo was one example to avoid another era of Mao or Deng C P.  He was becoming more powerful and popular.  unlike Gaddafi, Manmohan, LKY

- Security response in Kenya for USD 10/pm based on govt vacuum & local culture

- Perf assessment for CEO by PA & wife

  • Mara : Uganda Company - work for the partners & not from the partners (CNN-Apr 13)


  • Confucius said: “A gentleman must guard himself against three dangers. When young, as the energy of the blood is still in turmoil, he should guard against lust. In his maturity, as the energy of the blood is at his full, he should guard against rage. In old age, as the energy of the blood is on the wane, he should guard against rapacity.” (Simon Leys, The Analects, 16.7, p. 82)

Logic makes no sense

Finally someone in SAF realised that if it works for SAF...it need not work for the whole damn world.  We introduced IPPT because it 'works' for SAF.  JT removed the obstacle course we designed in CDA to meet FF's skill needs and replaced with the SAF model.  It takes time to proof wrong decisions....like "I don't lie"....!!

Minister's double strokes on submission.  How to interprete?  Happy...not so comfortable;e...anything wrong with the team composition...and so on.  Why not walk to his room and ask him, instead of trying guess.  Cannot, as staff officers we should analyse and 


Khef? Al Halo - Yaakal Al Halo
 You are sweet aready? Why eat more sweet?
Ana Makhtoo, Li ana nj Araaftook Ka
  I am lucky to have know you