A journey to somewhere...

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The episodes of change...

Lost moments

First fear.

Chased by dad & caned

Stubborn dignity.

Smashing booten

Fall from steps with baby Radha

Unanswered questions?

Hit by shoe

Felt like adopted

Marriage rollercoaster

- Loss of power

- Koki's ear-piercing

- Rajam's house-warming

- Golf 'freedom'

- Watching MU game on mother's day

- Playing cards with family members

- Decision to abort pregnancy

- S-i-L & B-i-L : Unable to see 'evil'

- Maintain distance

- Appreciate what you have

Backward journey

The first fight - Chandramorgan

The lost fight - Venu Oosi

The return fight - Mathi

Road to gangsterism

- Family rivalry

- The bully Moonstone Lane Sugu

- The retaliation

- The 'fame'

-  From Timid to Terror

- Blackan Keira

Steps forward

The Change

- The Kailash episode

- The long incarceration

- No alcohol principle

- The academic journey

- The avoidance strategy

- The 30-10 principle

- The Hotel New World trajectory

-  Baptism of fire fighting

-  Confidence : Worst is death, all others are 'bonus'

Life at OLI 96.8

Life in SCDF

Life in Abu Dhabi

Value-added service with UN OCHA