A journey to somewhere...

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Wisdom from people in my life

Wisdom from own mistakes
1.  Trust, until betrayed.
2.  Can get cheated, but only once.
3.  Those have borrowed money seem to have forgotten the event.  The amount runs to thousands of Singapore dollars.  Todate only one gentleman had returned one thousand in full his wife borrowed more than 10 years ago.    Those in question, if you recall one day after my life-time, please donate the money to Murugan Hill Temple at Ten-Mile Junction.  Better to refuse to help in the first place.

Wisdom from learning
1.  30-10 principle : Do 30 times more than your peers.  Only than you cannot be suppressed or glossed over at the slightest opportunity, especially if you are a minority within the Community.
2.  Work hard sincerely and do not try to display your potentials.  It will appear very artificial.
3.  Be sincere and honest in what you do....even God cannot suppress you.
4.  Never forget the path you walked and the people you walked passed...you will never know when you may have to walk back.
5.  The worst is death...everything else is a bonus.
6.  Unlearn the past, operationalise the present and create the future

Wisdom from nowhere


 I Owe You
 You Owe Me
Sinnaiya Coffee Shop, Friend's father
  Selva's father.  Last year Selva malika borrowed 3,000.00 and no sign of it coming back.  Looks like a heavy interest for 5.00 that I owed in 1960s
 Palaliappan, Court Interpreter
 Venugopal, Elder Brother
  Several attempts to payback was refused by my brother

Wisdom from the creator
1.  No God is above a human being...and HE too, I believe, wants us to do so
2.  Our Ancestors will always be around to look after us...I can't prove this.  But when I become one of them, I will try to send the signals somehow.... 
3.  World peace can only be achieved if all religions were to be erased from the face of earth.