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Strange way the mind works

Religion first...parents last

Chelliah, a good man with a very pleasant, honest personality.  He converted in mid-40s and the outlook changed unthinkably.  He refused to do the final rites during his father's funeral, even at the expense of considerable pain the mother had to go through trying to convince him.  His belief prevented him from appeasing his father's soul.  Probably, his God did not made such a rule, but HIS followers created such illogical rules along the way and all follow them blindly.

After some years, his son had converted to another religion by marriage.  The boomerang is now in action.  It will come back to the thrower.

Parents first....religion next

Thambi, converted due to marriage, bringing unbearable pain to his parents and siblings.  His is the only son, who will have to do the last rites for his parents.  When his father passed away, we were worried that his religious beliefs and his in-laws will stop him from doing the rites.  He and his wife did everything from the day of the funeral right through the 30-day prayers in the temple.

He is a man, who has the right maturity to distinguish between his religious teachings and his duties to his parents.  His father's soul, I am sure, is at peace.  More importantly, his mother was appeased, though in deep sorrow, to see her son and daughter-in-law riespecting the soul of her husband. Salutre to Thambi.  You certainly have a place in heaven.

Self-imposed limits...

Often I have seen many of my colleagues avoid attending funeral of colleagues and friends in oredr to avoid doing some rites that are customary such as burning joss sticks, placing flowers in the coffin, etc.

Strange to observe how these customs will compromise the faith of one's religion.

Last respect is say goodbye to someone, who had to 'leave' before us.  No religious beliefs should come in between.  I am sure God would not have impose such disrespect to another fellow human being.

If a messenger of God has advocated that then I would not want to follow Him to heaven.

Morale of these stories.  No Gods of any religion is above your parents or another human being, who needs you for his or her last rites..


Delayed boomerang : Run-away before marriage

G's arrest and IMH treatment.  Boomerang has arrived.

Painful boomerang : Engaged to one and then decided to marry another

N Rajah agreed to marry a relative living in Whampoa. Engagement was completed and marriage date had been arranged.  Out of the blue, he approached us to stop all arrangements.  He wanted to marry his Chinese colleague, with whom he was having a relationship for sometime.  Why then go through the rituals of match-making and the embarrassment for all.

The poor girl was devastated and asked us "Why he decided to call off the wedding?  Is there something wrong with me?  I need an answer so that I can go away, without a feeling of unknown guilt".  We could not give her any answer and could only express our regrets for her predicament caused by his fickle behaviour.  Little did we realised then that her words were actually sending the boomerang back to him and the impact is still lingering to this very day. 

Generational boomerang : Kypass Junior

S is back in Prison for assaulting his girlfriend about 2 years ago. He is now serving a 6-month sentence and my sister is back to her routine of visiting the Prison every 2 weeks. Looks like his change was superficial and just behavioural. One has to change personality to institutionalise character transformation. Sadly I am seeing the repeat of his late father's life, who was also fond of assaulting women, including my sister.

Religious Boomerang

R (J's daughter) converted to Islam. Upset for the following reasons:

  • Her late father will be turning in his grave a thousand times & cast his unhappy soul into the black -hole of the universe;
  • She has now placed her young daughter to be torn apart between Hinduism and Islam;
  • Her living mother has to now deal with a new problem, not to mention the thousands she had brought about since her birth;
  • She is the only one left for the mother, what will be her faith when she has to leave the world???
  • Should one compromise faith for marriage???
  • Why can't one follow the Late Uthuman Ghani's philosophy of freedom of belief???

Evil Boomerang

Evil Boomerang

Rewarding Boomerang

Morale of these stories.  What you reap, you will harvest

Where are we going...???

Wife sharing Marriage in Kenya

Two men agreed on a marriage contract to share a woman.  She was a widow, who was secretly having affairs with both men.  Both men were madly in love with her.  Finally they agreed to the shared matrimonial arrangements...!!  BBC, 26 Aug 2013

Missed Opportunities

T-Junction in 1970....

Critical left or right decision.  Left was then more attractive.  No school.  No uniform.  No exam.  Free to do anything fearlessly.

Generational Blessings

R became a happy father, when his wife gave birth to a lovely daughter.  A new offshoot in the family tree.  Strangely his mother refused to allow her 94 year old father-in-law to visit the great grand daughter and give his blessings.  She was unhappy that he had mentioned to 3 of his children that her in-laws are from a lower caste and thus would not eat or drink in their house.

The old man was absolutely wrong to express such discrimination and his trusted children who 'whispered' his remarks appeared to enjoy the rift within family members.

But the baby missed a valuable blessings that millions are not privileged to experience.   Grown ups seem to be self-centred and miss the larger scheme of things.

This too became a boomerang a year later.  The son was doing his housewarming, when both his parents were overseas.  Another lost opportunity for blessings or a boomerang of some unknown force....!


Permanent Scars

Father's Whacking

1.  First beating

2.  Shoe embarrassment